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District Enters Final Stages of Securing $150,000 State Grant!

July 6, 2021

Read the PDF version of this District Update by clicking here.

Since our December 2021 update, your Board has continued working diligently to bring an economically viable and effective wastewater treatment and reclamation solution to our community. Our focus remains twofold: (1) provide updated Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems guidelines for property owners during the transition from onsite treatment to sewer; and (2) site, design and permit a collection and treatment system that will serve the entire community in a timely fashion.

Successfully Obtained $150,000 State Water Recycling Fund Matching Grant; Grant Funds Will Get Us to an All-District Preliminary Project Design.

The grant application we submitted last December was approved in April. The District is now in the final phases of securing the $150,000 Water Recycling Fund Matching Grant from the State of California. These state funds, along with $150,000 available in District reserves, will complete the majority of the planning and preliminary design work needed for a Wastewater Project that serves the entire District. Through this work the District will acquire much of the information needed to site and design the project, and develop an accurate project cost estimate. This work will provide critical information necessary to seek additional financial assistance and to lay the groundwork for the benefit assessment vote slated for early summer of 2022.

New Permanent Part-time General Manager Bob Perrault Hired in May

Bob has spent more than thirty years serving California local government with an emphasis on public project completion; his most recent full-time position was City Manager of Grover Beach. Bob’s vast experience makes him well suited to guiding the Board and community in taking the Wastewater Project from the planning stage through to construction completion. He is available to answer your questions at (805) 331-3553 or

Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Maintenance and Repair Guide Available Now

With assistance from County Environmental Health Services staff, the District recently created a Quick Guide to help property owners maintain their septic system and avoid costly repairs during this septic to sewer transition period. Other septic guidance documents can be found on the Los Olivos CSD website. 

Proposed 2021-22 District Budget

At its July 14th meeting, the Board will conduct a public hearing on the District’s proposed 2021-22 budget. The budget is the District’s financial plan for the coming fiscal year. The recommended budget is subject to final review and approval by the Board.  As summarized below, revenues available to the District total $676,257. The District works diligently to make the best use of resources.

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The bulk of the resources to be used for the budget come from a combination of grants and cash reserves, or 72% of the total. Revenue from assessments will total $188,887, or 28% of the budget total. This amount may be modified based on Consumer Price Index adjustments.  The remainder of budgeted revenues will come from cash on hand. 2021-22 expenditures are estimated to total $565,130.

Revenues available to the District total $676,257 and 2021-2022 expenditures are estimated to total $565,130

The bulk of the expenditures, 78% of the budget, will be for technical studies, plant design, cost estimating, permitting and approval activities required to achieve a green light for the project. Administrative costs are minimized and are less than 25% of total expenditures.

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Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) Approves District’s Request for Benefit Assessment Election Time Extension

At its June 3rd meeting LAFCO unanimously approved the District’s request to extend the timeline for holding a benefit assessment election. The District made this request in order to complete the necessary studies, project design and project cost estimates needed prior to holding a benefit assessment election, now projected to be held early summer 2022. A two-year extension was approved, which expires in April 2023. LAFCO is the government agency that oversees development and changes in government agency organizations. Read LAFCO’s findings supporting their decision here.

Wastewater Facility Siting Study Complete 

In May, Urban Planning Concepts Inc. completed an initial Wastewater Facility Siting Study. At the District’s June meeting the Board completed its first review of the study which identified a number of sites in and around Los Olivos that might serve as a potential project site. The basic criterion used in identifying potential sites included location within a mile of District boundaries with a size of ½ acre or larger. The District is in the process of reaching out to property owners of potential sites. The siting study will be again discussed at the July 14th Board meeting.